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Nancy Marie performs at Stagecrafters Theater in the stage play Asylum.

 Congratulation to Nancy Marie and cast for a incredible performance in the stage play Asylum at the Stagecrafters Theatre


   in Philadelphia July 24-26 2015

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Nancy Marie Gives Great Performance In GoKash Productions  V To X

V TO X  - Denida


"Nancy Marie delivers intensity and pain with grace and power." 

Ginger Agnew, M.ED

B-Sharp Productions

ASYLUM - Masani


"Nancy Marie as Masani and Steve Crum as Balondemu respectively represent heroine and villain. In bringing the parents of Prossy to life, their depth of emotion is impressive.... these actors are completely exposed. Masani is strong, loving, tortured, and deep. Her fight is played out with a deep understanding of motherhood."

Ginger Agnew, M.ED

B-Sharp Productions


"Every member of the cast turned in an outstanding - indeed a wrenching performance. Special mention must be made of Tiffany Barrett in the lead role, Brennie S. Yancy-Tellu as Leah, Prossy’s lover and Nancy Marie as Prossy’s step-mother. They rose above “acting” and on stage veritably became the people they represented, conveying their pain as if indeed it was very real and happening right in front of our eyes."

Out In Jersey Magazine


"There is one oasis, Masani (Nancy Marie), the stepmother. As another woman in Uganda's male-dominated society, she portrays another fate of women. It is a fate that Prossy would have if her relationship with Leah were not found out. Masani, extremely reticent about her opinions and feelings to the point of extreme repression, was in a personal hell. This, too, is a harrowing experience, a personal hell, and we see this quiet burden in Ms. Marie’s lovely performance."

GO Magazine